Ekona Power Inc.


What if one of the most abundant hydrocarbons could fuel a clean energy future?

At Ekona, we believe this is possible and are building the technology to make it a reality.





The Problem

Existing approaches to producing hydrogen are either emissions-intensive, in the case of steam methane reforming, or expensive in the case of electrolysis with renewable energy.

Our Solution

Ekona is creating a new solution to producing industrial scale hydrogen that is both low-cost and clean by converting natural gas into hydrogen, clean power, and pure CO2 that can be easily stored or used.


Industrial H2 Consumers

Refineries, ammonia plants or chemical plants, who are seeking new solutions that can deliver large-scale, green H2 at costs on par or better than incumbents.


Natural Gas Transmission & 

Distribution Companies

Decarbonizing the Natural Gas (NG) pipeline network by injecting low-cost green H2, at costs similar to pipeline NG, to reduce downstream GHG emissions.


Our Team


Chris Reid


Gary Schubak
Sales & Marketing

Ken (1).jpg

Ken Kratschmar
Product Development


Caroline Andrewes

Dave Leboe head shot.png

David Leboe
Product Development

Heather (1).jpg

Heather Allen



Evok Innovations

Evok Innovations is a cleantech fund that accelerates the development and commercialization of solutions to the most pressing environmental and economic challenges facing the oil and gas sector. Evok is a founding partner of Ekona and holds 50% ownership.

Institute for Breakthrough Energy Technologies (IBET)

IBET is a technology and venture creator that focuses on accelerating new solutions that will have a breakthrough impact on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. IBET is a founding partner of Ekona and holds 50% ownership.

Province of British Columbia

Ekona gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund.