Ekona Power Inc.


Our Team


Chris Reid

Born: Thunder Bay, ON
Qualifications: Technology and business leader with 25 years of experience developing energy and hardware technology ventures.
Education: M.A.Sc., University of Victoria, IESVIc; B.Sc., University of Manitoba, Mechanical Engineering
Focus: Innovation in technology and business models, venture development
Interests: Skiing, golfing, biking, writing, and music


Gary Schubak
Sales & Marketing

Born: Winnipeg, MB
Qualifications: Professional mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience developing and commercializing clean energy, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, with experience in market development, customer engagement and sales.
Education: M.A.Sc., University of Victoria; B.A.Sc., University of British Columbia, Mechanical Engineering
Focus: Program management, marketing, sales
Interests: Golfing, playing drums, and piano

Ken (1).jpg

Ken Kratschmar
Product Development

Born: Winnipeg, MB
Qualifications: Professional engineer with 25 years of experience in mechanical and process engineering, product development and management.
Education: M.A.Sc., University of Victoria, IESVIc; B.Sc., University of Manitoba, Mechanical Engineering
Focus: Innovation, technology development
Interests: Tennis, beach volleyball, soccer (Go Whitecaps!), and dog walking


Caroline Andrewes

Born: Grimsby, ON
Qualifications: Professional Engineer and Chartered Professional Accountant with 20 years of experience in technical and corporate functions.
Education: B.E.Sc. (Materials), University of Western Ontario
Focus: Finance, governance, planning
Interests: Skiing, trail running, excel spreadsheets, and farming

Dave Leboe head shot.png

David Leboe
Product Development

Born: Ottawa, ON
Qualifications: Professional Engineer with more than 20 years of technical and management experience in clean energy platforms, including renewable power systems and smart grid technologies.
Education: B.Eng., University of Victoria
Focus: Innovation, technology development
Interests: Cycling, adventure, music and problem solving

Heather (1).jpg

Heather Allen

Born: Maple Ridge, BC
Qualifications: 15 years' experience in operations and administration from hospitality, and the venture capital industry.
Education: Degree in Media Studies-Public Relations (Hons), and a  Hospitality Business Management diploma
Focus: Operations, administration, finance
Interests: Cycling, trailblazing, podcasts



Evok Innovations

Evok Innovations is a cleantech fund that accelerates thedevelopment and commercialization of solutions to the most pressing environmental and economic challenges facing the oil and gas sector. Evok is founding partner of Ekona and holds 50% ownership.

Institute for Breakthrough Energy Technologies (IBET)

IBET is a technology and venture creator that focuses on accelerating new solutions that will have a breakthrough impact on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. IBET is founding partner of Ekona and holds 50% ownership.

Province of British Columbia

Ekona gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund.